According to the most recent research regarding home safety and security, burglaries in the United States happen every 13 seconds, and of that amount which reaches over 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66% are residential or home break-ins. Many of these burglaries can be prevented as research shows that most perpetrators are young and desperate, seeking the easiest point of entry with the least amount of obstacles. A video surveillance system could be the difference between a safe, secure home and becoming another statistic. These quick tips on security and safety are a must-read to ensuring the safety of your business or home.

Video surveillance and alarm systems are a must

First things first. Research shows that homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into than homes with a security system. Video surveillance keeps your home safe whether you are in it or not. Perpetrators seek out an ideal environment to rob – no security system, no surveillance, and unoccupied by residents. One of the best ways to deter them is to post signs that show you have an alarm and video surveillance system, which then drops your home to the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, only about 17% of all homes in the U.S. have security systems. If your home has one, you are already deterring intruders. Plus, have the confidence to fully see who is at your door before you answer it or what is in your yard if you hear something. If you’re out of town, you can still be alerted to any sign of an intruder and warn law enforcement officials sooner rather than later. Take back full control of your home.

Close and lock everything

About 30% of all break-ins happen through an open window or an unlocked door. This can be easily prevented by being vigilant to double-check all entrances into your home. Even if you are sure that no one goes in and out from a certain area in your home, make it a habit to give your vulnerable areas a second look. Or make security easier by automating all the locks in your home. Receive alerts if an entrance is open, whether a door or window. Best of all, save time, when you are able to run out the door in seconds and still have the reassurance that every entrance into your home is locked. Whichever method you choose, remember that a few minutes or seconds could save you in the future.

Make plants safer

You have a beautiful yard, but does it have a landscape that is safe? Think through the layout of your lawn and make those high bushes and thorny rose bushes work for you, not against you. Ensure that the taller bushes do not lay flush with your windows and the sides of your home. It’s fine if they divide your home from your neighbor’s and give you that needed privacy, but don’t make them into a vehicle to hide behind. The beautiful rose bushes, or a similar plant, are the ones to use up against your home. They look beautiful and have a measured protection against someone getting too close to your home because of their prickly defenses.

Your lights can multi-task

When you’re having a pool party that lasts into the evening or you want to unwind with a late night hot tub dip, those outdoor lights can set the mood, but don’t forget to put them to work when you’re not around, too. Give a potential thief pause with motion-activated lights. Like the name suggests, these lights are triggered by any motion on your lawn or near your home which also saves you the cost of keeping outdoor lights on for an extended period of time. If a friend comes over or you arrive home late, lights provide a safe path to your front door. One of the simplest ways to add security.

When it comes to video surveillance, alarm systems, and other security measures, there’s so many options. Who has the time to research the best price for the best system? Or how to know what will work best for your home? You do know you need a company with great customer service that provides solutions best suited for your lifestyle and home.

When it comes to the safety of your family on a day-to-day basis, is there anything more important than knowing you have the most cutting-edge technology to provide the best security possible? We don’t think so. Contact In Touch Homes to find out more about solutions we offer to secure your home!

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