Your home’s safety is our top priority, and our home alarm systems will make sure it is protected whether you are at home or not.

Our home alarm systems are in your complete control. You can manage the alarm from your smartphone and schedule times for your alarm to arm or disarm. We’ll put a keypad on the wall of your home to manage the system from there if that’s what you prefer to manage the system.

Putting You In Control

You can program the alarm from your smartphone or keypad to arm at a specific time every night when your family goes to bed. You can then set it up to disarm the following morning at the same time as your alarm clock. This personalization gives you control whether you are spending time at home or go on vacation to the other side of the country.

We even have home alarm systems capable of reminding you if you leave the house and forget to arm the system. Even if you forget about the system, our technology is still equipped to keep your family safe.

How We Handle Alarms

If the home alarm does go off, our 24/7 central station receives the signal from the panel and will call the list of phone numbers provided by the owner. The central station has 40 seconds to get a response with the proper credentials to cancel the alarm. If that doesn’t happen, the central station will contact the proper authorities – police station, fire department, or medical services.

Our central station has a separate channel to communicate quickly with authorities. We do not simply call 9-1-1 on behalf of the home owner. It is a more direct line of communication that makes sure you are a priority during a situation when you need it the most.

Ready to Get Started?

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