An important part of animating your home comes through audio and video control. We can customize your home to set up an ideal entertainment system throughout your entire home.

Audio Personalization For Your Home

Our audio control can help create the most personalized media setup for any environment. We can help evenly distribute audio between different rooms of your home to keep you from turning up the music in one room in order to hear it in another room. The perfect sound setup is easy to hear in any room of the house because of our technology.

You can access your music library through an app or iTunes to play throughout the entire house and let our setup provide the perfect quality and comfort in your home. As more of these apps gain traction, this audio personalization becomes even more functional for the audio experience of your home.

Video Control For Any Setting

Our video control can distribute your movie or show from a central location to TVs throughout the house. We minimize the number of wires and devices while helping you show the same content on TVs in multiple rooms across the house. This becomes more important as AppleTV and Netflix gain popularity, allowing people to watch the same movie or show in separate areas of the home.

We can also set up your home for optimal video control through audio, video, and lighting customization. During a scary scene in a movie, you can customize your room to dim the lights, turn up the volume, and darken the video on the screen. You can create the optimal viewing for every scene in your favorite movie to make the people watching feel more a part of the movie or show.

When you wake up in the morning, our video control can turn the TV to your favorite channel for the ideal start to your day. We can turn any number of TVs in the house to that channel to give your morning the best experience possible, and it’s always happening with the latest video quality.

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