What is a Scene?

No, we’re not talking about a scene in a movie. For the home automated veterans, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Do you remember when you’re life was not as easy, as efficient, or as smart? For all those new to home automation or the unconvinced out there, let’s take a look at what smart, easy, and secure living looks like.

Scene: a series of automated events that occur at precise times and in specific ways based upon your prearranged design.

Scenes in home automation are created by you. They are triggered by something that happens routinely in your life and thus, your home comes to life in a way that delights you every time. For example, you may have a “morning scene.” At 7:00 AM, instead of waking to a roaring buzzing sound, you may opt to have your radio fade in, your blinds slowly climb up, and your thermostat increases to 72 degrees. At 7:10, while you are in the shower, your kitchen lights and the coffee starts to brew. You’ve just created your first morning scene, which can be added to or subtracted from as your lifestyle deems necessary.

There are important things to remember when creating the most ideal scene for your home. Below is not at all an extensive list, but simply a launching pad of ideas to consider when creating your smarter home.

  1. Allow your home automation dealer to be a part of the process. No one knows your routines, hobbies, and everyday activities like you, but no one knows how to customize scenes like the experts in the business either. Therefore, include them! If you have a great dealer, it will actually get them excited to brainstorm with you on how to make your life more efficient. They will need to know the patterns of your life, but with this information, they can create a whole new world for your home. These are some questions to consider. Do you host events or have social gatherings at your home frequently? Do you have certain hobbies or work that you do in-house? What’s your daily routine, spelled out exactly? Do you spend a good amount of time in your yard, in the pool, or elsewhere immediately outside your home? Do you have desires to decrease energy costs? Would you like to increase security? Do you spend a good deal of time watching entertainment? Are you an avid music lover? With answers to these questions, an expert can begin to formulate a plan to increase your home’s comfort and convenience.
  2. Prepare a budget beforehand. What’s really great about some home automation companies is that they can formulate a plan specifically designed with your budget in mind. If you have a desire to create a certain scene that will require electrician work, for example, your dealer will be able to tell you the costs up front. Make sure you hire a company that is clear with costs beforehand, so that there will be no surprises later on. Another great part about the home automation process, too, is that there’s always room to add-on if you find that your budget does not permit you to have all of the bells and whistles up front. There’s always room to grow your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some of the readily available conveniences through home automation. Again, check with the experts. They will give you great guidance and if they want to continue to keep your business for when you are ready to expand, require the most dependable and friendly service. There’s too many options out there for you to not receive the best.
  3. Finally, be honest about your own level of technology expertise. Do you own an iPAD, use Apple TV and watches, and include every family member as a confident smart device user? Or, on the other hand, you might not own a smart device, have no idea what Facebook or Twitter is, can’t navigate these complicated televisions nowadays, and the thought of this new word “scenes” is something for you to dismiss and ignore. If this is you, don’t fret! You shouldn’t be left out of an easier way of life! Just be honest with the experts. It’s only going to hurt you in the end if you are not up front about your technology usage and expertise. Plus, most home automation devices can be as simple as a modern day air conditioning unit – easy to understand and even easier to use. Great companies will even extend training on your device, help you create any scene you wish, and give of themselves until you are perfectly confident in your new smart home. Get ready to be amazed!

If it’s a scene you seek or a home automation dealer, In Touch Homes has the smart solutions. Contact In Touch Homes today and don’t miss out on life lived smarter, easier, and secure!

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